disabled child with her parents

NDIS Help, The Easy Way

myTherapyChoice is a division of Gippsland Physiotherapy Group, which has been providing high-quality physiotherapy services for over 20 years.

Specialising in providing physiotherapy and associated services to individuals with specific treatment requirements due to disability.

To guarantee that our customers receive the best treatment, our physiotherapists have specific training and expertise in specialised therapy services.

Our strategy is based on simple access to our services, flexible delivery of services of the type and location that best meets your needs, and therapy plans that are goal-oriented and tailored to our clients’ preferences in order to maximise their chances of success.

As a friendly single point of contact, we offer comprehensive guidance and support through our free call help line and therapy plan key employees.

We would feel privileged to assist you or your loved one in the provision of therapy services.

Maximise Your Current NDIS Plan

Those that have current disability support and services (including an NDIS plan) we can assist in therapy plans and maximising the services they receive in their given budget. For the plans to be maximally effective, we offer these in locations most comfortable for the participant and their family; myTherapyChoice also offers many therapy options that suit the preferences and circumstances of our clients.

We do not believe in complex, wordy service agreements that bind our clients to us; we instead make a plan that we commit to – no specific commitment from the participant is required. We need to ensure that we are providing a service that they value and want to continue with; at myTherapyChoice, we solicit and value any feedback they have.

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