Instructor And Patient Undergoing Water Therapy in a pool

Why choose us?

Hydrotherapy is a technique that uses water and its properties to treat and rehabilitate patients.

Our physiotherapists can also provide a more comprehensive assessment of a patient’s ability to move in a warm water environment. We have found that the warm water opens up new pathways for patients to move that they wouldn’t be able to do on land.

Water creates natural resistance to movement which means that the muscles of the body are constantly working harder to maintain movement. This has a positive impact on muscle strength and endurance. The water’s natural buoyancy eases movement in the pool, stimulating the circulation and easing pain in the joints, while its warmth helps to relax spasm in the muscles.

Buoyancy also decreases effective body weight; hydrotherapy allows persons who are in too much discomfort to walk or have difficulty maintaining balance to replicate land activities in a safe and supportive setting. Water also provides excellent resistance and strength training. The resistance is enhanced by moving a limb faster through the water or increasing the surface area using paddles.

In general, hydrotherapy can be used to achieve the following goals:

• Increased strength and flexibility (post injury or surgery)
• Reduced high tone and spasticity
• Pain and/or hypersensitivity reduction
• Balance has improved.
• Circulation and heart function have improved.
• enhanced coordination

Gippsland Physiotherapy Group is committed to helping you maintain a healthy lifestyle or recover from an injury; call us today for more information about hydrotherapy or to book an appointment.

Benefits of Hydrotherapy

Increased strength and flexibility (post injury/surgery)

Improved circulation & cardiac function

Reduction of high tone & spasticity

Reduction of pain and/or hypersensitivity

Improved balance

Improved co-ordination

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