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Why Choose Us?

CorporateChoice offers a full suite of pre-employment and post-employment health care solutions.

As part of the PhysioChoice group of companies, CorporateChoice Healthcare is able to service our clients either on your business site or at our many PhysioChoice and Gippsland Physiotherapy locations throughout metropolitan Melbourne and Gippsland in Victoria.

We do not use subcontractors, so you can rest assured as to the quality and consistency of service provided by our full trained Physiotherapists and Registered Nurses.

Our Services

Drug & Alcohol Testing

We can assist you with drug testing for pre-employment, random tests, post-accident, and other any drug and alcohol testing needs. Every one of our staff is fully qualified in the field of drug and alcohol testing and has extensive experience working with other companies just like yours.

Early Intervention

The safety of your workplace should be your number one priority. CorporateChoice can help you create strong policies and procedures around injury prevention that are best for your business needs. These services include on-site employee management, off-site employee management and employee task analysis.

Pre-employment Assessments

Our pre-employment examinations will give businesses with a detailed report on the physical suitability of each applicant. We make your hiring decisions easier by ensuring that prospective employees are physically capable of performing the tasks required to do the job.

Injury Management

Employees who have been injured can get the physiotherapy they need as part of a rehabilitation program from us. We can also offer advice on the suitability and advancement of return-to-work programs, as well as relevant certifications of capacity.

Injury Prevention

Injuries can be prevented by supporting a culture of safety in your workplace and following best practices when it comes to ergonomics, training, and more. We help you develop a comprehensive Injury Prevention Program that eliminates or minimizes hazards, protects employees, satisfies legal requirements, and keeps you in compliance.

Audiometric Testing Services

We provide audiometry services for businesses of all sizes, to meet your occupational health and safety needs. We can provide this comprehensive service to your organisation with a minimum amount of disruption to your employees work program. All audiometrists are fully trained and all equipment and testing is performed in accordance with all relevant standards and regulations.

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