How will your career progress with PhysioChoice?

PhysioChoice understands the importance of ongoing career development and provides our physiotherapists with the opportunity to enhance their physiotherapy repertoire and specialised practice skills, as well as develop leadership and business management skills.

We are delighted to provide our physiotherapists with the tools and support they require to thrive in their careers, as well as opportunities for internal progression. Here's a great example of how you may progress within the PhysioChoice team.

senior physiotherapist talking to new graduate physiotherapist

Practice Director

  • By invitation
  • Minimum 4 year commitment
  • Can be combined with Practice Principal position

Clinical Leader 

  • Minimum 2 year commitment
  • $5,000 continuing education allowance
  • Election of physio on area of leadership

Clinical Mentor 

  • Minimum 2 year commitment
  • Regular coaching in the area of mentoring
  • Inclusion in New Graduate Development program and in-practice mentoring

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